Sterilized and Disenfranchised


It’s no great shock to most that Americans are not reproducing at the replacement rate, women in this country have 1.87 children a piece, which if you do the math is not enough to keep the population stable, healthy, etc.

Legal and illegal immigrants and minorities are responsible for keeping the rate as high as it is.

Lindsey Graham made a famous comment about there not being enough angry white guys to make a difference any longer in national politics. There is some truth to that, if you believe that there are truly two separate parties with polar ideologies, and that Conservatism is strictly the realm of WASP’s.

But what if there was really only one bird with two wings? One party that gave the populace the illusion of choice, to keep them polarized and engaged with each other, their eyes off of the political shenanigans of Washington and the world.

That would explain the mixed Republican response and discomfort surrounding the Tea Party. If you suddenly have a grass-roots third party come onto the scene, one that doesn’t know or care about the game, one that wants to fix things and pull the curtain back on those playing with our country, well that will make you bite your nails.

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