Jesus On Politics



I’ve taken a look at some of what I’ve posted, and reposted, lately and have decided that I’m rapidly going away from home.

I’m not a political pundit, or really very astute when it comes to matters such as these. And so I should reserve my thoughts for my friends and families amusement.

But it is my humble observation that President Obama and his team are using the Executive Order on amnesty, in tandem with the expected upheaval from Ferguson, to destabilize ethnic factions in this country. To put hyphenated Americans at war with one another. Like Rahm “Godfather” Emanuel said, “You never want a good crisis to go to waste”, especially if you can stage it and fuel it, and bend it to your own ends. Yes, I believe that the furor over Executive Amnesty, and the coming backlash over the Ferguson decision are intended to spark a right wing response that will be characterized as the next Reichstag fire.

Americans, of all varieties, are being played by the globalist puppet.

Take your eyes off of one another, and place them squarely on the the man behind the curtain. He is looking less like the Wizard of Oz and more like Adolph Hitler.

If he can get us to look at each other as the enemy, we won’t recognize the wolf in King George’s clothing. He and his ilk are traitors to the Constitution, to everyone of us, before whom they swore an oath to uphold the laws of this land.

Better yet, put your eyes on Jesus. He said that bad things, bad times, will come. That the Kingdoms of this world will fail us, and not to be surprised. These things must take place before He returns. And that we should be salt and light.

But to be Salt and Light implies that we remain active in the midst of decline. We don’t hide, we remain present and fly the banner of Heaven unashamedly.

John Stott said “The function of salt is largely negative: it prevents decay. The function of light is positive: it illumines the darkness. So Jesus calls his disciples to exert a double influence on the secular community, a negative influence by arresting its decay and a positive influence by bringing light into darkness. For it is one thing to stop the spread of evil; it is another to promote the spread of truth, beauty and goodness. Putting the two metaphors together, it seems legitimate to discern in them the proper relationship between evangelism and social action in the total mission of Christ in the world.”

Stay the course, and look up. Your redemption is closer now than ever before.

Peace to you.

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