Jesus, King of Kings


Jaroslav Pelikan’s book entitled “Jesus Through The Centuries: His Place In The History of Culture” is a fantastic work. It is 18 chapters, each devoted to one of the many ways Jesus is portrayed in scripture, and the human response, good and bad, to that message over the last two thousand years.

I find chapter 4, King of Kings, to be of growing importance as we near the day that the son of perdition will be revealed.

Pelikan points out that the phrase “King of King’s” was used throughout human history by grossly self important human Kings to refer to themselves. Especially the Caesars. And that for Jesus to be given the title “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” was an affront to any earthly power. It basically said that their authority only came from God, and that God’s authority superseded their own.

This is the reason so many died in the early years of the church. They had no King other than Jesus. And they paid for that loyalty with their lives. If the Caesar, King, or government changed the laws and seasons in a way that contradicted the Law of God, or denied His Son, for them there was no choice.

Today we have a government that is usurping God’s authority, setting itself above and against Him. Trying to change laws, affections and customs that were established by God himself.

The whole point of this is to say that when they do, we can have no other response than that of Christians throughout the millennia and still remain true.

We are not of this world, we are citizens of a higher Kingdom, and we must obey God rather than man.

When darkness falls, as it surely must, look up for your redemption draws nigh.


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