Your Life…


” is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent in the programming of the Matrix”- The Architect, The Matrix Reloaded

There is something about you and I that remains unfinished, incomplete, unbalanced. And it is due to the world around us, the system that surrounds and fills everything we see, feel, taste, and experience on this earth. We search for the answer to “The Question”. You know the Question… “What is the Matrix”, what is this world system all about? We will search for the answer till the day of Jesus Christ. There has come One who broke through the dark clouds, the aberrant programming we’ve all been subjected to, and has shown us blue skies ahead. Yet there remains a battle to fight, a war within and without that won’t end until He returns or we rest with our fathers.

The largest part of the battle is in our heads, believing that we even belong in this struggle. That God wants us to do more than survive underground. He wants us to wake up, and walk in all that He has given us. Because we are required if this world is to be saved, reconciled to God. That looks ridiculous in print. It doesn’t make sense if others knew you or me the way we know ourselves. That means that we are not here by accident, that God understood our failures, shortcomings, and besetting sins long before He chose us. He knew that about us before He ever sent His Son.

As a kid, I always thought that I had been born into the wrong time period, that somehow I was better suited to have lived in another place and time. That God had made a mistake and that it would have been better, more exciting, easier, or more fulfilling had I entered the space-time continuum at another point. I have come to understand, I think, what the words of Irenaeus, “the Glory of God is man fully alive”, really means. That I bring Glory to God when I am walking in the fullness of who he made me. Here and now. Even in my incompleteness. That’s hard for me to accept.

It is our job to fight past the allure, deception, and condemnation of this life, to discover the joy of unique excellence in our own personal context. To become fully alive. And then pray for grace and strength to live that out here and now until our end, living those around us.

Most people want to believe that their lives matter, that they are here for a reason. Only a few actually discover what that is, come fully alive, and live that out to the Glory of God. Looking at my own life, I see how I was redirected and given the substitute, the vaccination to real life. But it is not too late, if you believe the Gospel.

Jesus words ring loudly regarding money, the accumulation of things, and following the crowd that does, walking into the wide gate.

I believe that God’s judgment is already being visited upon us. We sacrificed our children to Molech, have glorified homosexuality from the highest offices in the land, and have made the name of God a forbidden word in public. We look at 911 as a terrible terrorist act on our soil. No doubt it was. But why did it happen? God has used foreign invaders in the past as instruments of judgment, so many times. We should fight terrorism, but reflect upon why it has come to our shores. What have we done, or not done, that has caused God to allow this? If we aren’t careful we may find in our struggle that we are really struggling against God himself while we try to stem the tide of illegal immigration and terrorism. We won’t hide from his judgment because we’re better fighters with superior technology. As Agent Smith said, “It is the stench…” Our immorality reaches heaven, and yet we sit like a pig farmer on a muggy Sunday morning, busily trying to fan the stench away from ourselves so that those around us won’t notice.

God will protect His own in the midst of it, but that’s not to say that we won’t experience tribulation along the way. Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt by his brothers, and his family experienced great famine. Daniel was carried off to Babylon, and spent many sleepless nights praying, seeking God’s wisdom and direction, becoming an enduring testimony to God’s faithfulness.

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