Organic Union


Earlier this year my sweetheart and I tied the knot. Jumped the broom. Got hitched. Reading the title of this post, one who is less alpha-aware might think that this is going to be about well-composted, aromatic herbs, what someone I know refers to as “Skunk Apples”. This is not the case. This is not about herbs, apples, or organized labor Unions. This is about marriage.

Nothing about my bride, or myself, could be misconstrued as “traditional”. Perhaps once upon a time, but less so as we’ve matured and had our eyes opened to a number of things in this old world.

We both struggle with the traditional organized church, and how we as Christians first continue in fellowship with the Saints if we aren’t in some sort of body (25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching), and exactly what it looks and feels like to be in meaningful communion almost daily with our spiritual kin. Something to chew on for sure.

But back to our nuptuals…

We obtained two marriage licenses before we were able to pull it all together, meet the J.P. and hear the official words pronounced over us, having our intentions officially witnessed before God and man. Not sure what that says, but we took two runs at it, and with diligence we got there. We thought remarrying this way would be simpler, quicker, and less stressful for the families that we were “blending”.

The day of the ceremony I was working, and told my bride where to meet me and our witness. She didn’t baulk at the fact that we were meeting at the local feed and supply store, which to me was a very good sign. She had passed many tests and jumped through many hoops already just to get to this point, so this was further confirmation that she was indeed my woman!

I waited for a few minutes outside the feed store, looking for her to pull in when the owner stuck his head out and said “you can come inside unless you are afraid she’ll drive on by without you…” We should talk about prophetic giftings later.

There I was standing on the side of the road, you know, to flag her down so that she wouldn’t miss the turn into the feed store. I saw her round the curve, accelerating the whole time, and began waving, jumping up and down, etc. She shot past me like Usain Bolt hitting his stride on the way to the finish line… Nothing but a cool breeze to tell me she had been here seconds before.

“Brother, just keep waving, one of ’em will stop sooner or later!” the store owner choked out, my witness, and by-standers started snorting and chuckling as I turned in dismay. “Maybe she’s sending you a message” said my witness… “yeah, she may have found a better deal” another one hooted.

Dang. I grinned a bit wider, and figured I’d use it to amuse you all here.

So I called my sweet bride-to-be.

Me: “Baby, you just shot past me.”

Her: “You said a half mile. You’re always very precise with your distances. I haven’t gone that far yet.”

Me: “Uh, just turn around and keep an eye out for me on the right side of the road”

Her: “OK”

She eventually made it, and we migrated down the road from the feed store a piece to the ceremony site. There were killer Chihuahuas and Bassett Hounds in attendance as we exchanged vows, and signed our papers. Most interestingly, in this civil ceremony, God was named and invoked in as reverent a manner as if in the greatest Cathedral. Jesus was there, after all. We’ll talk about how this is at some point later on. But He was there.

“You may kiss the bride…” You’d better believe it, if she loves me enough to get married this way, I’m going to keep her till the day I sail over to the other side. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me, I love her dearly.

Afterwards she hopped in her car, and headed to our new home. I stuck around to pay for the ceremony, and make sure I had a copy of the official, executed license.

The store owner smiled at me, and said “you did a lot better than your bride did, sir, you’re a lucky man”. She is a beautiful little thing, and I’m crazy about her for sure. Truly my better half.

This was really like a frontier wedding in so many respects. Very few people attended, it was very functional in that we didn’t waste time on a big fancy spread, clothes, etc. And once it was over it was business as usual.

After we got home, she looked at me and said “I’m hungry!”

So we drove up to the restaurant on the corner, sat in the bar at happy hour and had burgers and sweet potato fries, and a few cold beers a piece. 🙂

There are no juvenile, puppy-love moments between us. We experience an incredibly rare intersection of two lives on a journey to eternity. We’ve had our disagreements, and differences, but I can honestly say that sharing life with her is better than I could have ever imagined.

Marriage requires sacrifice, no doubt. But what else is there on this earth that at it’s best can so nearly mimic the love and care of God towards us, bringing death and rebirth in submission to our Lord and one another? And in this becoming something new and more glorious than we could ever be alone.

This must be why the Ancients held marriage to be a sacrament, an outward sign of the grace, presence and working of God.

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