Mean Bean Recon


I remember the first time I had a great cup of coffee… I was 20 years old,  and my boss invited me to the break room for a cup and a Danish.  It was fresh brewed,  and the sense of well being I felt  was almost illegal.  I worked furiously for the  rest of day… I was hooked.

Fast forward 30- odd years.

I met my beautiful bride at a non-descript horse stable and riding school in central Texas. I told you the story here a while back.

My hosts were not coffee-drinkers, but I didn’t discover that until it was too late. I stumbled into the kitchen the morning after my epic drive, rubbing the sleep from from eyes and bouncing off of the door frame. They offered me a cup of Earl Gray tea. I thought…”Aw nah… McDonalds is At least 15 miles away.”

My  future bride-to-be arrived later that day, and I was smitten immediately. That was nothing compared to what was about to take place.

The next morning I was steeling myself for the long decaffienated drive into town when she walked her gorgeous self across the yard with a steaming hot mug of fresh-ground Starbucks French Roast with my name on it. Are you kidding me!? That was a Johnny Hendricks left hook to the jaw, knock-out…

That was THE best cup of coffee I’d ever had in my life up to that point.  No doubt. It was made with love.

We’ve had coffee together many wonderful mornings since.

The last shopping trip we went on together, I cleaned Walmart out of 8 O’clock Coffee Dark Italian Roast beans. I bought every bag they had, on my hands and knees pulling them out from the back of the bottom shelf, tossing them up to her by the cart. My wife laughed, then offered a satisfied smile. I said “you can’t take a chance of them running out of this stuff. Anytime that we like something they stop carrying it within the month…” Sure enough, try to find some 8 O’clock Itallian Roast Beans next time you shop.

Flash forward to this afternoon. I received a somewhat cryptic text from my bride on her day off,  something like “Just bought 14 bags of 16 oz stRbucks whole bean dark Italian roast for 5.99 each.”

What?  That’s 224 oz., or 14 lbs, of the most heavenly coffee.  With tax that’s ~$95 worth.  Most husbands would have something to say about spending that much on coffee. When I came home all I could say was “Baby,  that’s fantastic! What a deal!!! Great job!!!”

Sure enough she one-upped me. Raised the bar. Now I’m looking for 50 lbs. burlap sacks to be delivered by pack mule…

But in the morning, we will share mugs of steaming hot, smoky sweet love with roasty overtones.

That’s what she said. 😉


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