Welcome to Lilburn, Georgia

I know where Lilburn is, and lived not too far from there at one point in my life, this makes me ever so sad.

Jesus Christ died for everyone of these men, but their level of deception is clearly evident. And we have to balance our socio-political context with the overriding truth of the Eternal Gospel of Jesus, what does God expect of us, our behavior towards others, in this? But we also cannot stand by and allow the future of our country, of our children and grandchildren, to go the way of Europe. Islam is opposed to everything but itself, and has come to kill, steal, and destroy. Jesus said the Pharisees were not children of Abraham, but of Satan. If the shoe fits…

Money Jihad

The future of America, Shia-style

Or maybe Lilburnistan.  Did you think that only Europe is being Islamized?

Lilburn is similar to many cities in America.  It has a cozy population of 11,000 in Gwinnett County about 15 miles outside Atlanta…  It also has at least four Islamic facilities each with colorful back stories.

The one pictured above, the A.G.A. Dar-E-Abbas Islamic Center, has a history of code violations.  Those violations are partly why a Dar-E-Abbas rezoning request was denied by Lilburn in a heated decision last fall.

Then there’s the “Nasfat of Atlanta,” also in Lilburn.  They seem to keep their noses cleaner than Dar-E-Abbas, although they promise on their website “to become renowned for quality da’wah,” which is Islamic proselytizing.  Nasfat also states that they will “not discriminate”…against Muslims.  There are no pledges on their website about discriminating against anybody else.

Next there’s a nonprofit corporation known as the Al-Rasoul Masjid…

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