Pillows, Pillows Everywhere!

Huge Pile Of Pillows

My wife and I made a Saturday shopping trip into town last weekend to pick some things up for our Airstream. And to look for a new dog bed for Snuffy, and to replace the coffee cups that invariably go to an early grave around here.

One of her desired stops was a store known as “Home Goods”. Funny, but of all the stores I’ve escorted her through (think of me here as financial “Robocop”, my presence encourages thrift), I didn’t remember her even talking about this one. I won’t forget it soon, however.

So… I dropped Sweetie-pie at the front door, parked the Dodge, and walked into the store.

Immediately upon entering I was struck by a frightening visage… “THIS IS A PILLOW STORE”.

You have to understand, my better half is in LOVE with pillows. Big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones.

I fought off the urge to hyperventilate, walked around the wall of pillows, and found my sweet love pushing a cart and looking dreamily at a row of dog beds. Which, by the way, are just specialized pillows for dogs…

Now to help you see why I fear the pillow, a picture. On our bed, the true count was 13. This picture is not of our bed, but just to give you an idea…


So what is a man to do? More importantly, where does a man lay his head???

Now I’m going to preemptively ask forgiveness, because I’ve surely descended into the dog house.

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