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When Heroes Fall

So, Lance Armstrong is circling the drain, allegations of doping snapping at his heels, like the pair of dogs that would lay in wait for me nearly every weekend on my once-routine 25 mile Sunday ride. As I drew near … Continue reading

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More Pics from The Glassner 100

My favorite is Satan, with the bullhorn. He saw me coming along way off, and started bellowing with his horn, “C’mon, boy, pedal harder, I’m tired of waitin‘ on ya, oooh, have I got something for YOU!”, as he waved … Continue reading

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Two Cyclists Killed in Baldwin Co., AL on 9/03/07

This happened two days after we rode to commemorate Jim Glassner. One of these two men, Archie, was the riding buddy of a friend I work with. And the kid that killed them, killed another cyclist about a year ago. … Continue reading

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Post-Ride Review

Brad and I finished the 103 mile Glassner Fall Challenge today. Being young and impetuous, Brad hooked up with a fast team riding about 5 miles in, and dropped me like a hot rock. That’s OK, the need for speed … Continue reading

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Bike Racig wit a code id your ndoze

Such is my luck, two days before the Fall Challenge, and I needed a drum of industrial strength Drano. I’ve used my secret remedy, and I am about 85% now, several more treatments before bedtime and that cold will be … Continue reading

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Chasing The Rain

Tonight I rode a slightly different route, threw in something new and different. Everywhere I went, on every obscure county road, I was chasing the rain. The scent of fresh rain was in the air everywhere, it was was cool, … Continue reading

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Jim Glassner Memorial Century Ride

My (spiritual) brother Brad and I are training to ride the Jim Glassner Memorial Century Bide Ride on September 1. Dr. Jim was a friend of a friend, and was killed on a Sunday morning in 2001 riding a country … Continue reading

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Brokeness… Literally!

Tuesday night I launched over the handle bars of my mountain bike, beautiful in flight for at least a second. Then, 240 lbs hit the ground in a heap of anguish and pain. Once I assured myself that I had … Continue reading

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