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Woman’s Guide To Women

Considering the incredible, absolutely spooky similarities,  THIS IS my story. Except it’s honestly not me, though even the nickname is the same. really. wow. freakishly weird. Honestly, it’s really not me. Although it is. I did wake up, deliberately walked … Continue reading

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Case Closed

Well, things have been finalized. Once the documents are signed by the Judge, it’s all over. No waiting period, because according to the Court we were overdue our day. Basically, we’ve waited long enough. We’ll no longer be married.I don’t … Continue reading

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Being In The Right Place

Sometimes it is absolutely CRITICAL to be in the right place, at the right time. And to listen. Really well. We met for fellowship today, which was especially good. They even threw a birthday party for me, with very good … Continue reading

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Lonliness or Alone?

Lately, I find myself alone. A lot. That’s not so bad, I can’t say that I lack opportunities to spend time alone with God. But it’s the loneliness that often accompanies the solitude that is problematic. My solution has been … Continue reading

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Part-Time Father: There’s No SuchThing

I have been silently struggling with my new role as a part-time Dad. And after thinking about this briefly, I’ve suddenly realized that there is no such beast. It just ain’t so. While I may not see, or speak, to … Continue reading

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The Ring

What will this band of silver mean, when it’s broken and no longer fits? Where shall it keep, and when dare I gaze upon it, recalling years of bitter and sweet? “What God has put together, let no man put … Continue reading

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The Pain Stops When

I’ve blatantly plagiarized this, author unknown.  But as you read through this, see if you may recognize some of these as familiar signposts. Several are very hard to read, because the truth is very pointed. For me those would be … Continue reading

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The End as Beginning

The end of any adventure is rather sad.  All of the good things we’ve experienced, good people we’ve met, relationships that we shared with others, are being put on the back burner, now just memories.  And we’re heading back into … Continue reading

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Building A Home

I’m sitting in my apartment, still surrounded by boxes. They make passable end tables, and book shelves, after all. I want to see this place become the home I see in my mind for my children, but it is far … Continue reading

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Time To Say Good Bye

Thank you, for all the years, no matter the bumps.  Amore.  

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An Army of One

I apologize, for I’ve been missing in action for a while now. There are many reasons, work, football, etc. But largely, as KJP has said, marry within the faith. Do not think you’re going to marry someone into the Kingdom. … Continue reading

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Locusts, Honey, and a Hair-Shirt.

My perspective of what is good, what is desirable, of what life should look like is changing. I once thought that the goal was a nice, smooth life. One that was “under control”. The Spirit is the spirit of self … Continue reading

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