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The Apocalypse of Faith

Most of us would not characterize God’s apparent lack of presence as “kind”. We would say that He is not available, some may say asleep at the wheel. Continue reading

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A Swift Kick In The Pants

Well, this is just way too timely. As my Grandpa would say, sometimes you need a swift kick in the pants. That was a nice way of saying “ass kicking.” Thanks to my friend Greg for the good reminder. Things … Continue reading

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Where Magic Meets Mundane

This is really the focus of my blog, where the mystery of faith intersects with life. Some might be offended by this phrase, and using it to refer to faith. That’s not my intent. I borrowed this from the lyrics … Continue reading

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Faith Is Mystery

The title already gives away some of what I’m going to relate. Here there are no Dark Knights, or dense mist-filled forests, that we see. But as in the Matrix, this life is not all about what we see. In … Continue reading

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Walking Home

Looking back through my blog, it is awfully apparent that I have lost my direction, and taken a detour, taken a wrong turn at one of those crossroads. I’ve begun to look at things in the news, the Anglican world, … Continue reading

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