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The (Lucrative) Politics of Identity

Check this out…. From Wikipedia. “The term identity politics and movements linked to it came into being during the latter part of the 20th century. It can most notably be found in class movements, feminist movements, gay and lesbian movements, … Continue reading

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How Far We’ve Fallen

Do you ever think back on your beginnings, your childhood, when your motivations were nearly pure, and your moral compass true? I have been thinking about this lately. For me this memory is a “haunting”, harkening back to a simpler … Continue reading

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We’ve Forgotten Who We Are

More and more, I see the Gospel, the entire story of our Fall and Redemption, as a holistic story. In this tale are the glorious beginning, treacherous descent, and final restoration of mankind.  I love Tolkien, and the Lord of … Continue reading

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The Most Important Question

So… perhaps the hardest, yet most important question. “Who are you? who, who, who, who?”  

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