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Welcome to Lilburn, Georgia

Originally posted on Money Jihad:
Or maybe Lilburnistan.  Did you think that only Europe is being Islamized? Lilburn is similar to many cities in America.  It has a cozy population of 11,000 in Gwinnett County about 15 miles outside Atlanta… …

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Report: Rand Paul calls for scrutiny of Muslims

All I can say is “Roger that.”  We have abandoned common sense, and have fostered a national self-hatred that surpasses lunacy, that is unparalleled… Continue reading

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Why I Chose Jesus – Muslim Believers in Isa

More on this phenomenon. Muslims all over the world are having dreams where Jesus speaks to them, is seeking them, and they are converting and becoming followers of Isa in spite of the dangers. We should be helping to spread … Continue reading

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A Different Kind of Mosque

This is an awesome idea… we have too long associated Jesus with western forms and institutions. The thought of many Muslim Christians, if you can even associate those words, hiding in plain sight is wonderful, a testimony to the love … Continue reading

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