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Mean Bean Recon

I remember the first time I had a great cup of coffee… It was fresh brewed,  and the sense of well being I felt was almost illegal.  Continue reading

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Organic Union

She shot past me like Usain Bolt hitting his stride on the way to the finish line… Nothing but a cool breeze to tell me she had been here seconds before. Continue reading

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Love Between Man and Woman

There are two schools of Christian thought on love between a man and a woman. One is that it is significant in this life only, a matter of reproduction, mutual support and comfort. The bible says as much, especially the … Continue reading

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Good is Evil, Evil Good The Word talks about this, how in the end times when men won’t stand for sound doctrine. How things will be inverted, how sound thinking, sound doctrine, and living will be all mixed up. Woe to those who call … Continue reading

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The Ring

What will this band of silver mean, when it’s broken and no longer fits? Where shall it keep, and when dare I gaze upon it, recalling the years of bitter and sweet? “What God has put together, let no man … Continue reading

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Locusts, Honey, and a Hair-Shirt.

My perspective of what is good, what is desirable, of what life should look like is changing. I once thought that the goal was a nice, smooth life. One that was “under control”. The Spirit is the spirit of self … Continue reading

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A Garden

Say a prayer for us. Last night I sent my wife an email, and in it told a little story about a garden. How in this garden two had worked side by side to make it flourish, to make it … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage 4- Mature Content

Actually it should say “content that tells us how to lovingly relate in a mature relationship with your mate”. ~sarcasm on~Yeah, sounds much more exciting. ~sarcasm off~ “Mature” at first blush sounds….stale, old, stuffy, geriatric. But that’s the enemy putting … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage 3

Sweet Suffering, that’s the heading of a portion of the chapter entitled “Sacred Struggle”. The author quotes Teresa of Avila, and John Climacus, making the point that suffering can be the cross that works beauty into our souls and achieves … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage 2

I have not picked this book up for several days. Partly because I’ve been busy, partly because I really did not want to hear the next part of the message. I am sitting in a hotel room in Charlotte, so … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage

Last night I began to read a book called Sacred Marriage, the premise being that marriage is primarily given as a sacrament, as an instrument of grace to make us holy, and as a symbol of Christ’s great love and … Continue reading

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