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The (Lucrative) Politics of Identity

Check this out…. From Wikipedia. “The term identity politics and movements linked to it came into being during the latter part of the 20th century. It can most notably be found in class movements, feminist movements, gay and lesbian movements, … Continue reading

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Krauthammer Says Stay Cool

Heard on Fox Krauthammer: Obama’s move on immigration a ‘distraction’ Published November 20, 2014 FoxNews.com Facebook58 Twitter29 livefyre42 Email Print http://video.foxnews.com/static/p/video/app/embed/iframe/vod.html?video_id=3902434511001&_fx=y&_xcf=foxnews Now PlayingObama: Immigration system is broken and everybody knows it Never autoplay videos Charles Krauthammer said Thursday on “Special … Continue reading

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Amnesty and Impeachment

Originally posted on tomfernandez28's Blog:
Absent the credible threat of impeachment, Obama will pardon millions of illegal aliens. By Andrew C. McCarthy There is high anxiety over President Obama’s impending unilateral amnesty order for millions of illegal aliens. How…

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The Daily Caller | Obama’s Border Policy Fueled Epidemic, Evidence Shows

Obola-care.. Failed policy and ignorance at its finest… And you must watch what you say, because you never know who may be listening. I’ve learned that here, on my paltry little blog. You’d be surprised at who shows up periodically. … Continue reading

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The Cult of Moral Self-Flagellation

The pandemic of  national self-hatred (truly a Liberal indulgence), manifested as Anglophobia, Zion-bashing, Logophobia and the glorification of minorities, illegal aliens and extremists at the expense of the country that shelters them, reached its high water mark in the election … Continue reading

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Last Comic Standing

I love Last Comic Standing, and Joe Macchi. Joe really knows how to walk the line, poke you in a sensitive place, make you uncomfortable, tell a great joke, and then allow to to find relief. I’m not Joe Macchi. … Continue reading

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The Next False Flag

Back in April, Timothy Fountain of “Stand Firm” wrote an article called “Beware The Next Reichstag Fire”. In that piece, he reminded us of the fire in the German Parliament not so very long ago. In this case the Nazi … Continue reading

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Conservative Political Action Conference 2012

What does the road to 2016 look like? Dinesh D’Souza speaks to this question. Related articles Annual Conservative Gathering Questions GOP’s Direction (npr.org) Too Early? Republicans Audition For 2016 Election (npr.org) Game on: Early GOP auditions for 2016 election (cnsnews.com) … Continue reading

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All For One, Freedom For Few

Remember Old Saint Nick, slapping the taste of heresy right out of Arius’ mouth?  The Old Bishop was something else, eh? And for all his trouble, he received a nice new sleigh, a red suit, and reindeer to boot. Sure, … Continue reading

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Boiling Frogs

We’ve all heard the old saw,”How do you boil a frog? … one degree at a time”. It intends to convey the gradual, insidious manner in which you can lose anything. Your rights, your life, your direction, etc.  Supposedly, a … Continue reading

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The 50% Mandate

So where do we go from here? With only 50% of the population effectively endorsing the leader of the Free World, really, where do we go? No matter what Obama thinks, 50% is not a mandate. That is sneaking in … Continue reading

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Post-Racial Racism

FrontPage magazine featured an article, Hollywood’s Post-Racial Racism, by Mark Tapson back in February that really sums things up here nicely. In a 60 Minutes interview with Mike Wallace several years ago, black actor Morgan Freeman displayed unusual wisdom for … Continue reading

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