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Gettin’ Down & Ducky

When you think of Duck Dynasty, think “ZZ Top goes feral”. Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty, GQ… holy smokes, ole Phil set the world on its ear, and ruffled a few skirts in the process. Life is not neat, clean and … Continue reading

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Christianity at risk of dying out in a generation

Lord Carey, former Archbishop of Canterbury, says that Christianity in Britain may disappear in the next generation. That may well happen here in the good old US of A.  When public of expressions of faith are litigated against, when Fortune … Continue reading

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The One Thing You Can Give

12/30/ 2011 I AM The most essential gift you have to give is yourself. When you aren’t entirely true about that, you aren’t true. But we’ve all grown accustomed to committing dozens of little white lies about ourselves every day. … Continue reading

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Are We Confused?

Following along with George Barna, here today in Election 2012 Preferences: Political Polarization among U.S. Faith Segments, and over the years, has been a very enlightening experience. Where Evangelicals, and other Main-Liners, have meandered off to is more than interesting. The sheep … Continue reading

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