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The Cult of Moral Self-Flagellation

The pandemic of  national self-hatred (truly a Liberal indulgence), manifested as Anglophobia, Zion-bashing, Logophobia and the glorification of minorities, illegal aliens and extremists at the expense of the country that shelters them, reached its high water mark in the election … Continue reading

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Last Comic Standing

I love Last Comic Standing, and Joe Macchi. Joe really knows how to walk the line, poke you in a sensitive place, make you uncomfortable, tell a great joke, and then allow to to find relief. I’m not Joe Macchi. … Continue reading

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How Far We’ve Fallen

Do you ever think back on your beginnings, your childhood, when your motivations were nearly pure, and your moral compass true? I have been thinking about this lately. For me this memory is a “haunting”, harkening back to a simpler … Continue reading

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Dead Egyptians

Someone has called our failures in the faith “Dead Egyptians”. I have my own. I’ve struggled with the things that I have done out ahead of God and His timing. Or worse yet, the times of outright rebellion and insistence … Continue reading

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