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Good is Evil, Evil Good

http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/02/24/obama-considers-weighing-in-on-gay-marriage-case/?test=latestnews The Word talks about this, how in the end times when men won’t stand for sound doctrine. How things will be inverted, how sound thinking, sound doctrine, and living will be all mixed up. Woe to those who call … Continue reading

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My son and I watched the film “Prometheus” a few weeks ago, and enjoyed it a lot. I felt that there were some things that needed to be developed more to lend continuity and credence to the story line. For … Continue reading

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The Things We Hold Dear

I have been abruptly reminded of the things that we hold dear. The little pieces of tinsel and wrapping paper that we use to mark events in our lives. The old radio which reminds you of the times at your Grandpa’s … Continue reading

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Irreligious Followers

‘For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings’ – Hosea 6:6, ESV ‘I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases … Continue reading

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The One Thing You Can Give

12/30/ 2011 I AM The most essential gift you have to give is yourself. When you aren’t entirely true about that, you aren’t true. But we’ve all grown accustomed to committing dozens of little white lies about ourselves every day. … Continue reading

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What’s Eating Jonah

Someone mentioned Jonah several weeks ago, and my mind went to wandering, and reeling. I can really relate to the guy, although I’ve never been tossed out of a boat, or slept with the fishes, never been to Tarsus, or … Continue reading

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The Wounded Healer

I was listening to Dr. Kevin Elko’s   Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration of March 19th.  It’s usually such a timely message for me,  speaks right into the place where I am at the moment. And at one place in today’s message, … Continue reading

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Living In The Moment

A good friend of mine, Skip, visited a couple of months ago. We spent a long weekend together. Mostly, we golfed. And Skip was a true gentleman, bearing with my inept attempts at the game. He really wasn’t there so … Continue reading

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The Cares of this World

Jesus told us not to worry about what we need in the way of clothes, food, shelter, companionship, basically all of the “necessities” of life. There really is very little else to worry about if we truly heed His words. … Continue reading

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