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  Fear is spiritual curare. It paralyzes us, so that what was really harmless overtakes us and makes us captive, steals our life. There are many things which cloud our vision, whisper doubt and negativity in our ear, feeding our fear. … Continue reading

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The Gospel According To Bilbo

Just got home after watching “The Hobbit”. The movie is excellent, positively fantastic. And wow, Bilbo has one big hairy pair of troglodyte feet. Real caveman specials. But tonight was a chance to unplug, sit back, and take it all … Continue reading

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Having A Beer With Jesus

I was scanning the radio  on the way home the other night, searching for something different. I heard a few good songs, then I heard one that made me stop and think. The country voice just under my dashboard was … Continue reading

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The One Thing

As a kid I was fascinated by Chameleons, the small lizards that are able to change their coloration to match their surroundings. They are very adaptable, they fit into their context perfectly. Uh oh, I feel a Geico commercial coming … Continue reading

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Homeowner Jailed for Hosting Bible Study | FOX News: Todd Starnes

Homeowner Jailed for Hosting Bible Study | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes. In what has to be one of the strangest twists in the whole church/state debacle in a long time, your local government may soon be knocking on … Continue reading

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That Which Was Lost

(Beautiful Outlaw, 76) “Creation sometimes screams a confusing message—fear, pain, grief. Fire burns, rivers flood, winds go hurricane, the earth shudders so hard it levels cities. But you must remember—this was not so in Eden. Mankind fell, surrendering this earth … Continue reading

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The One Thing You Can Give

12/30/ 2011 I AM The most essential gift you have to give is yourself. When you aren’t entirely true about that, you aren’t true. But we’ve all grown accustomed to committing dozens of little white lies about ourselves every day. … Continue reading

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Are We Confused?

Following along with George Barna, here today in Election 2012 Preferences: Political Polarization among U.S. Faith Segments, and over the years, has been a very enlightening experience. Where Evangelicals, and other Main-Liners, have meandered off to is more than interesting. The sheep … Continue reading

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Are You Ferocious?

Yep, another Ransomed Heart Daily Reading, recycled by this environmentally friendly blogger, 12/30/ 2011   KINGDOM FEROCITY As Jesus steps out from behind those thirty years of almost total obscurity into the task set before him, both men and demons … Continue reading

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He-Man Women Haters Club

Without going into the details, I’ll just say that I was reminded of this episode of “The Little Rascals” several weeks ago by someone who is very dear to me. And I’ve not been able to get it out of … Continue reading

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Holy Thursday

Growing up UMC, I just don’t remember as much emphasis being placed upon Christian Holy Days other than Christmas, Easter (I hate that name, and all that it has come to mean. It should be Pesach, Passover, or Pascha), and … Continue reading

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Why I Chose Jesus – Muslim Believers in Isa

More on this phenomenon. Muslims all over the world are having dreams where Jesus speaks to them, is seeking them, and they are converting and becoming followers of Isa in spite of the dangers. We should be helping to spread … Continue reading

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