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Organic Union

She shot past me like Usain Bolt hitting his stride on the way to the finish line… Nothing but a cool breeze to tell me she had been here seconds before. Continue reading

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Don’t Make Me Cut You

 I saw that Johnny Depp – Edward Scissorhands look in her eye. I know what she said, but what I heard was “don’t make me cut you “… Continue reading

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Culture Wars

You’re not sure when it happened, but all of a sudden, Bruce Jenner is a woman, marriage is for two men, and Rachel Dolezal is black. Continue reading

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Love Between Man and Woman

There are two schools of Christian thought on love between a man and a woman. One is that it is significant in this life only, a matter of reproduction, mutual support and comfort. The bible says as much, especially the … Continue reading

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Waking in The Night

Lately, I’ve been waking in the night. I’ll wake up agitated, sweating, and have to lay there on top of the covers to cool off, thinking. I usually begin praying for my wife, 3 feet away, which is honestly hard … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage 2

I have not picked this book up for several days. Partly because I’ve been busy, partly because I really did not want to hear the next part of the message. I am sitting in a hotel room in Charlotte, so … Continue reading

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Sacred Marriage

Last night I began to read a book called Sacred Marriage, the premise being that marriage is primarily given as a sacrament, as an instrument of grace to make us holy, and as a symbol of Christ’s great love and … Continue reading

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