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Gettin’ Down & Ducky

When you think of Duck Dynasty, think “ZZ Top goes feral”. Duck Commander, Duck Dynasty, GQ… holy smokes, ole Phil set the world on its ear, and ruffled a few skirts in the process. Life is not neat, clean and … Continue reading

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Are We Confused?

Following along with George Barna, here today in Election 2012 Preferences: Political Polarization among U.S. Faith Segments, and over the years, has been a very enlightening experience. Where Evangelicals, and other Main-Liners, have meandered off to is more than interesting. The sheep … Continue reading

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The Medium is the Message

The folks at Vineyard Central have nailed this one to a T… “There’s a maxim that goes, “The medium is the message. Jesus doesn’t just give a message; he is the message. So as people who are involved deeply in … Continue reading

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