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Giving Up on The Constitution

http://www.breitbart.com/Breitbart-TV/2013/01/27/CBS-Runs-Segment-Calle-Lets-Give-Up-On-The-Constitution To many of us, this CBS-run segment seems preposterous, like a bad joke or something. But this is where we are heading when Presidents ignore the wisdom of the Founding Fathers, when amendments protecting basic human rights are undermined … Continue reading

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So are Obama supporters really tweeting all over that if he isn’t reelected, Republicans somehow stole the election, and they will riot? And pistol whip every white person just so we know that they are unhappy? Really. At least they … Continue reading

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Where Magic Meets Mundane

This is really the focus of my blog, where the mystery of faith intersects with life. Some might be offended by this phrase, and using it to refer to faith. That’s not my intent. I borrowed this from the lyrics … Continue reading

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