On "The Bad Infection", and "Personality"

Funny how after blogging about disease transmission, and the factors involved, I contract a disease. Righteous Judgement does occur in this life afterall.

Still plugged up, sniffling, sounding like a bullfrog, and sweating the bed from fever.

But this morning I feel like actually trying to do a little work so as not to get too far behind ( you know how driven we ‘Boomers are… ;>)

My Aunt and Father always told me that I am a “Type B” personality.  A truck could run through the living room, and I’d stay cool. An easy going guy, never pushing my natural abilities too hard. In other words, I always keep a few cards up my sleeve. And what’s so bad about that?  My Meyers-Briggs Type  is INFP.  Those probably equate.

Thinking about that, I recall a story that illustrates this priciple well, and I like it. Maybe because it supports my behaviors.

Two farmers, one young and the other old, were idling their tractors, and enjoying a chat underneath a shade tree that marked the corner between their properties. They were drinking cold water from their jugs, and the younger farmer began to lament the fact that he’d just rebuilt the engine on his tractor for the third time.  “But it’s been a good tractor, I can plow twice as much in a day than just about anyone around here, even you“, as he motioned to the old man.  “How’s that?” the old man answered.  “I dunno, really. Your tractor has a much more powerful engine, you should be able to plow twice as fast as me. Come to think of it, I’ve never even seen you plow half as much as me. Why’s that?”, said young Farmer.

The old Farmer paused, gave a slow lazy smile, and said “I’ve never rebuilt my engine either, have I?  With this larger engine, I can plow deeper, with less strain, and she’s hardly working at all. She just takes it all in stride, runs cool, and never let’s me down.  She’ll probably do that until I’m ready to park my harrow for good.”  From what I heard told that day, the young Farmer got the message.

Which is all to say that I’m probably a slow plow hand. That has the Flu.

Not much gettin’ done today.


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2 Responses to On "The Bad Infection", and "Personality"

  1. KJP says:

    Hi INFP, from an INFJ…..

  2. Jim says:

    KJP, somehow I knew that…Welcome back, brother.What happened to O.I.T.M.? I clicked on it a week or so ago, and GONE!I was about to send out a search & rescue party!

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