How To Start A Revolution

How does a revolution begin?

In our own case, we quaintly believe that it started around boats filled with tea leaves in Boston Harbor.  That people were upset about having to pay a tax, and not being represented and all. That much is true, that story is largely true as we’ve been taught it. But the underlying foment was caused by  our government making an alliance with the East India Tea Co., forcing everyone to drink only one kind of tea, lining the pockets of said company.  East India Tea was not selling enough tea in the Colonies because we Outlanders were being disproportionately taxed, and we’d rather drink local leaves and berries than pay the tax.  So you see, it’s in our DNA to be a bit rebellious. The truth is we were conceived out of a sense of fair play, self-respect and justice. And we were mad as hell, and weren’t going to take it any more.

And it also was about freedom of choice, or the lack thereof imposed by a government upon its people. It was about Government control over a specific industry, and the fear that this ill would  intrude into more than your break time beverage of choice.

And there was a small minority group that sought to set this injustice right, or to at least bring grassroots awareness to it. They were called the Sons of Liberty. And Samuel Adams was their head honcho. Sam made beer, I think, among other things. Or at least has some fine beer named after him.

I doubt that the Sons of Liberty ever thought that our government would be part owner of an automobile manufacturer, or banks, or about to take over supervision of the credit rating companies that decide whether you deserve credit, regulating how and if you can buy or sell. That’s right. God in heaven help us all, we’ve seen how well they can manage other highly complicated financial things.  Like a household budget…

The real question is this. If you are a concerned citizen, and feel that government has become far too intrusive in your decision-making process, has taken 25+% of your income, and is swallowing all sorts of unconstitutional UN policy, what are you to do? What do you throw overboard? The GM Volt may be light enough to hoist overhead if we each grab a fender….

I guess the first step is to liberate GM from Government ownership.

Let the revolution begin.

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